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Two railroads operate in the state, the Alaska Railroad and the White Pass & Yukon Route. The White Pass & Yukon Route travels from Skagway to Fraser, B.C. Established more than 100 years ago during the Klondike Gold Rush, it''s now a scenic rail line that takes visitors through rugged terrain and impressive scenery.Read more

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We Love Alaska and Can''t Wait to Share it With You! Helping you book an Alaska vacation is only part of our mission. We created this resource to showcase and share the best of Alaska--hoping Alaska will inspire and excite you as much as it does us. Here''s how Alaska began.Read more

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In Nome, the most famous gold rush town in Alaska, you can still find prospectors working the beaches. Lots of people who come to Alaska end up looking for gold, whether it''s just for a fun afternoon or a lifelong passion. But first, two bits of bad news: You can''t just start panning anywhere.Read more

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Feb 09, 2017· The city of sits in the shadows of Mt. McKinley: the tallest mountain peak in North America. The small town was established just a century ago at the height of a gold rush, and the expansion of routes on the Alaska Railroad. Today, Talkeetna draws visitors for both winter and summer vacationing, especially to the popular, Talkeetna Lodge.Read more

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The gold rush boomtown of Nome on the Seward Peninsula, 1900. ... Some were boom towns that grew up around a gold mine or processor, but shrank when the source of wealth dried up. […] 2021 Student and Emerging Professional Awards. Date Posted: April 15, 2021 Categories: News. Student and Emerging Professional Awards Alaska Historical Society ...Read more

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Gold mining in Alaska, a state of the United States, has been a major industry and impetus for exploration and settlement since a few years after the United States acquired the territory in 1867 from the Russian Empire ssian explorers discovered placer gold in the Kenai River in 1848, but no gold was produced. Gold mining started in 1870 from placers southeast of Juneau, Alaska.Read more

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Klondike Gold Rush summary: The Klondike Gold Rush was an event of migration by an estimated 100,000 people prospecting to the Klondike region of north-western Canada in the Yukon region between 1896 and 1899. It''s also called the Yukon Gold Rush, the Last Great Gold Rush and the Alaska Gold Rush. Gold was discovered in many rich deposits along the Klondike River in 1896, but due to the ...Read more

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The best map of Alaska including state maps, city maps and highway maps of the state of Alaska. Free to save and download. ... home of the Klondike Gold Rush. Alaska Highway Map. ... Accurate and up to date maps of Alaska cities and towns in every region of Alaska. Our collection includes maps of Alaska''s biggest city, Anchorage, to smaller ...Read more

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May 08, 2020· Seattle flourished during and after the Klondike Gold Rush. Merchants supplied people from around the world passing through this port city on their way to a remarkable adventure in Alaska. Today, the park is your gateway to learn about the Klondike Gold Rush, explore the area''s public lands, and engage with the local community.Read more

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Interesting Facts about the Gold Rush. San Francisco was a small town of around 1,000 people when gold was discovered. A few years later it had over 30,000 residents. California was admitted as the 31st state of the United States in 1850 during the gold rush. Sometimes groups of miners used "rockers" or "cradles" to mine.Read more

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Jan 20, 2015· The state s potential to become an agricultural heavyweight was put on hold as Oregon stepped up to become the main food provider to the gold-rush population. In 1849, when gold rush towns …Read more

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The Gold Rush changed the landscape of the northwest and of North America forever. Transportation to the West and North were vastly overhauled to sustain the Rush. Towns such as Victoria, Vancouver, and Edmonton owe much of their development to the Last Great Rush.Read more

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Nome (/ ˈ n oʊ m /; Inupiaq: Sitŋasuaq IPA: [sitŋɐsuɑq]) is a city in the Nome Census Area in the Unorganized Borough of Alaska, United States.The city is located on the southern Seward Peninsula coast on Norton Sound of the Bering Sea 2018 the population was estimated at 3,866, a rise from the 3,598 recorded in the 2010 census, up from 3,505 in 2000.Read more

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Ghost towns are primarily associated with the Wild West frontier and people flocking to areas with valuable mineral resources, including gold and silver in the Rockies and oil in Texas. Just as it was important that the mines of Colorado and California could ship their riches out by rail, the vast cattle ranches of western plains needed to ...Read more

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Have your camera ready for photo opportunities at Dawson overlook and Top of the World Highway, where the motorcoach will re-enter Alaska, and visit one of the last surviving gold rush towns in Alaska before heading west on the Alaska Highway. Stop at an authentic Alaska roadhouse before your evening arrival in Fairbanks.Read more

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The great Klondike Gold Rush ended as suddenly as it had begun. Towns such as Dawson City and Skagway began to decline. Others, including Dyea, disappeared altogether, leaving only memories of what many consider to be the last grand adventure of the 19th century.Read more

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Go back in time to the Klondike Gold Rush on cruises to Skagway, Alaska, once the primary gateway to the storied gold fields. Take a trip on the scenic railroad and still have time for dining and shopping. ... Experience true Alaska wonder with stops in remote outposts and scenic towns…Read more

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Between California''s explosive growth following the discovery of gold in 1848, the fields of golden poppies that appear each spring throughout the state, the golden gate bridge, and the clear, golden coastal sunsets over the Pacific - California truly is the golden state! Gold is also one of California''s official state colors and the state mineral.Read more

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Jul 19, 2009· The discovery of gold in the Yukon in 1896 led to a stampede to the Klondike region between 1897 and 1899. This led to the establishment of Dawson City (1896) and subsequently, the Yukon Territory (1898). The Klondike gold rush solidified the public''s image of the North as more than a barren wasteland and left a body of literature that has popularized and romanticized the Yukon.Read more

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The towns were often rough and lawless. Over 750 pounds of gold were taken out of the ground during the California Gold Rush – more than $2 billion worth. By the mid-1850s, the Gold Rush was over, but people still came to California. In 1850, California became the 31 st; California wasn''t the only place where people went looking for gold.Read more

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Feed your hunger for adventure on a roundtrip Alaska cruise from Vancouver, B.C. Wind your way through fjords, by bright-green forests and through quaint Gold Rush-era towns on your way to the wonders of Glacier Bay National Park. Then experience age-old traditions with the locals. Find Cruises. Learn more about cruises from VancouverRead more