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Arizona weekly enterprise. (Florence, Pinal County, Arizona Territory) 1881-1893, September 10, 1887, Image 2, brought to you by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ, and the National Digital Newspaper Program.Read more

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Dec 25, 2009· This article appeared in the January 8th, 1887, issue of the "Pacific Rural Press." So much milk and so little railroad, such was the Coastside''s dilemma. Enjoy.Read more

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May 01, 2007· Alfalfa meal and hay, Bermuda coastal grass hay, corn plant, and soybean hay Grains: Barley, corn (organic and genetically modified), oats, rice, sorghum, and wheat Plant protein products: Canola meal, cottonseed cakes and meals, peanut meal, safflower meal, and soybean (organic and genetically modified) feed and meal Processed grain by-productsRead more


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E. W. Hili/ardia Pacific Rural Press. STRAIGHT TALK. A Mansfield, Texas, correspondent of the Dallas JS revs writes: I found §000 to day, and I know who it belongs to, but I won''t tell. It was in an old turning-row, way out in the field.. It belongs to a man who calls himself a farmer, but can a man be a farmer, a prosperous farmer, tad letRead more

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Pacific Rural Press, Volume 85, Number 10, 8 March 1913 — Getting the Most Out of Foxtail. ... this prevents the second crop from coming up as it should. Another method, where the alfalfa Held is old and the ground hard, is to stock it. have the foxtail and alfalfa eaten oft'' as quickly as possible, in order that the second crop can be on its ...Read more

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Feb 28, 2018· an average cost figure of $2.48 per ton for grinding alfalfa hay and $1.96 per ton for grinding bundle corn fodder. The same make and size of grinder was used as that used in this work and the same make and size of tractor. At that station the average cost of grinding dry alfalfa hay was $1.93 and for wet alfalfa hay_Read more

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Oct 28, 2016· She estimates that a 150- to 200-pound person will produce six pounds of nitrogen, two pounds of phosphorus and one pound of potassium: the same 6-2-1 ratio of cottonseed meal fertilizer.Read more

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The Best Time to Cut Alfalfa. By I''iiur. W. P. Headden of the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station. There is a very generally accepted notion that there is a considerable difference in the value of the respective cuttings of alfalfa for feeding purposes, the third receiving the preference for milch cows, especially if it was made without the plants having been touched by frost, the first ...Read more

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Home-> Pacific Rural Press-> 1000 Questions Answered in California Agriculture-> Part VI - Feeding Animals: ... the barley should be ground into a meal (not too fine) and have the hulls screened or floated out. This is best fed when made into a thick slop. ... Is the curing of alfalfa for grinding different from ordinary; has it to be chopped ...Read more

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FIGURE 2-1 Distribution of planted corn acres in the United States in 2008.. SOURCE: USDA-ERS (2010). Conversion. Starch from grains can be converted to ethanol by biochemical pathways. Most corn is dry milled—that is, the grain is ground to a meal, and then the starch from the grain is hydrolyzed by enzymes to glucose.Read more

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Home-> Pacific Rural Press-> 1000 Questions Answered in California Agriculture-> Part VIII - Poultry Keeping: Part VIII. Poultry Keeping Largely compiled from the writings of Mrs. W. Russell James and Mrs. Susan Swapgood. Teaching Chicks to Perch. What is a good method of breaking in young brooder chicks to use the roosts?Read more

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of 17.71 pounds alfalfa hay and 2.83 pounds oat straw per 1,000 pounds live weight. b Wyoming Station Press Buls. n. ser. 5, 10. aAnn. Agron., 24 (1898), p. 5. "1 ''I 27 In discussing the subject of alfalfa for horses, the California Station says in effect that in regions where it is a staple crop the quantity ofRead more

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Alfalfa (/ æ l ˈ f æ l f ə /) (Medicago sativa), also called lucerne, is a perennial flowering plant in the legume family Fabaceae is cultivated as an important forage crop in many countries around the world. It is used for grazing, hay, and silage, as well as a green manure and cover crop.The name alfalfa is used in North America. The name lucerne is the more commonly used name in the ...Read more

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Mar 11, 2010· Attempting to discredit President Roosevelt and his Reciprocal Trade Treaties last week were John E. Pickett, editor of the Pacific Rural Press, and members of the Associated Farmers group. Appearing before the state-wide tariff conference held in San Francisco May 6 they attacked Dr. Henry F. Grady, vice-chairman of the U.S. Tariff Commission ...Read more

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Ladino clover, Trifolium repens L., is a large form of common white clover. Ladino clover is one of the most important pasture legumes in the United States. The characteristics of this plant that have led to its rapid rise and acceptance by livestock farmers are numerous.Read more

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Dec 02, 2020· A national research group rated 21% of California rural roads in "poor" condition, the 11th worst in the country, and said fatalities occur in rural accidents more than twice as often as on the state''s other roads. The researchers said the pandemic has heightened the importance of rural roads for moving food and other essential supplies.Read more

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Fish meal has been banned in the European Union since 2000 in ruminant nutrition but remains authorized for pigs, poultry and fish (European Commission, 2001). It was re-authorized in 2009 to make milk replacers for young ruminants (European Commission, 2009). Fish meal is banned in Australia under the Ruminant Feed Ban .Read more


B.88 Lucerne or alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) The alfalfa is the better known of the two legumes whose leaves and stems are exploited commercially as a principal ingredient in compound feed manufacture. Alfalfa meal, unlike ipil-ipil, does not appear to contain anti …Read more

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Watertown republican. [volume] (Watertown, Wis.) 1860-1906, June 11, 1879, Image 3, brought to you by Wisconsin Historical Society, and the National Digital Newspaper Program.Read more

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Pacific Rural Press (San Francisco), June 27, 1931. p. 691 . The same source states that for topping and loading, labor received 50¢ per ton, which would amount to about $3.00 per day. The same source states that for topping and loading, labor received 50¢ per ton, which would amount to …Read more

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Written for Pacific Rural Press. Trellised tomatoes may be handled in a similar manner, leaving one stem for each 8 to 12 inches of space in the row; that is, if plants are spaced 3 feet apart, leave 3 stems per plant; if plants are spaced 2 feet apart, leave 2 stems per plant. ... ( I remember a while ago a crop of peas dehydrated alfalfa meal ...Read more

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Home-> Pacific Rural Press-> 2nd 1000 Questions Answered in California Agriculture-> Part VI.Feeding Animals: Part VI. Feeding Animals[] Calves and Separated Milk. Is there any danger in feeding separated milk to calves? I have fed mine separated milk with meal, sometimes linseed, and sometimes calf meal, and they have had well cured alfalfa also.Read more

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In another trial with lambs fed soybean meal with either alfalfa or taro silage, taro silage resulted in much lower intake and daily gain than alfalfa. This may have been caused by the very high moisture content of the silage (90-92%) or by antinutritional substances ( Carpenter et al., 1983 ).Read more

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Pacific Rural Press, Volume 62, Number 9, 31 August 1901 — Hay Growing in the Santa Clara Valley. [ARTICLE] ... forks, etc., so that a thoroughly good meal is served and can be eaten in comfort. This camp wagon is a box house on wheels, 12 to 15 feet long and 7 or 8 feet wide. The lady who presides may be provided with sleeping apartments in ...Read more

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Sep 01, 2016· cassava meal can substitute coconut meal in broiler diets with no negative effect on growth performance ( Ravindran et al., 1986 ). N.K. Morgan, M. Choct / Animal Nutrition xxx (2016) 1 e 9 4Read more

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Pacific Rural Press, Volume 92, Number 2, 8 July 1916 — ALFALFA MEAL GRINDING. [ARTICLE]Read more