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The following data refers to a trial conducted on 4-stroke petrol engine Air-fuel ratio (by mass) = 15.5 : 1 Heat value of fuel = 48000 kJ/kg Mechanical efficiency = 82% Air standard efficiency = 54% Relative efficiency = 70% Volumetric efficiency = 80% Speed = 240 rpm Brake power = 75 kW Calculate : i) Compression ratio ii) Indicated thermal ...Read more

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JKR Standard Specification. 307 Pages. JKR Standard Specification. Ahmad Amirul. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 30 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER. JKR Standard Specification. Download. JKR Standard Specification.Read more

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CONTENTS. A p r i l 2021. FEATURES 13. 25. 47. 18 Women in farming. 42 Livestock. 20 Arable. 48 Muck &Slurry. 24 Potatoes & Root Crops 30 Grain. 60. 66 Tyres. FM REGULARS NationalRead more

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b) A 120 MW power plant is supplied with steam at 100 bar and 550°C and the condenser pressure is maintained at 0.1 bar. At full load the steam flow rate is 4,80,000 kg/hr, while at no load the steam flow rate is 24,000 kg/hr. Find the specific steam consumption in kg/kWh at 25%, 50% and 75% loads.Read more

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Feb 18, 2021· Hopes and worries for the evolution of humans and digital life in the wake of the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic Nearly half of experts worry that changes in the ongoing evolution of digital life tied to the COVID-19 outbreak and societies'' responses to it may make digital life …Read more


GLOBE VALVES BALL VALVES CHECK VALVES BUTTERFLY VALVES GATE VALVES SAFETY VALVES STEAM VALVES MARINE VALVES. Sign up for our e-newsletter, be aware of the innovations in ECONOSTO GROUP. Data Sent Successfully. Eroor! Please Contact Admin. About US. ECONOSTO GROUP is a leading manufacturer of quality Pipes, Fittings and Valves, for the all ...Read more

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Jan 01, 1982· To calculate the heating and cooling times of thin bodies or materials with high diffusivity (e.g. aluminium), the following equation 9, 10 can be used:. θ = {w ρ c p / 3.6 h}. ln {(T f − T 0) / (T f − T θ)} (θ time (h), w = weight of the body (kg/m 2 of exposed surface), ρc p = specific heat (kJ/kg K), and h = heat-transfer coefficient (W/m 2 K).)In the above equation the furnace ...Read more


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(rolling) mill; wire/rod mill,looping mill; cold/hot strip mill; continuous (rolling) mill, semi-continuous mill,,; の;,; する; ; エンジン: Term used to denote increase of pressure on a fluid by using mechanical energy.Read more

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Candy making or candymaking is the preparation and cookery of candies and sugar confections.Candy making includes the preparation of many various candies, such as hard candies, jelly beans, gumdrops, taffy, liquorice, cotton candy, chocolates and chocolate truffles, dragées, fudge, caramel candy, and toffee.. Candy is made by dissolving sugar in water or milk to form a syrup, which is boiled ...Read more

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Constant power thermal mass flow meters. Constant power thermal mass flowmeters are thermal (heat loss) mass flowmeters and require three active elements. A constant current heating element is coupled to an RTD. This heated RTD acts a heat loss flow sensor while a second RTD operates as an environmental temperature sensor.Read more


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Supply and Warranty of 19 inch Rack Mountable Programmable single phase DC power supply (1.5 kw, 0-300V) as per attached specification) 0 25/05/2021 14:30:00 20 Days Left!!Read more

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What are the thermal properties of Fabreeka material? Thermal conductivity of Fabreeka material is expressed in power per unit of area divided by temperature gradient in degrees per unit of length. The Imperial units are 1.90 BTU INCH/HR/FT-SQ/Degrees F. …Read more

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Heroes and Villains - A little light reading. Here you will find a brief history of technology. Initially inspired by the development of batteries, it covers technology in general and includes some interesting little known, or long forgotten, facts as well as a few myths about the development of technology, the science behind it, the context in which it occurred and the deeds of the many ...Read more

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The Fed and Lehman Brothers: Setting the Record Straight on a Financial Disaster (Studies in Macroeconomic History) Laurence M. Ball Hardcover £13.75 £ 13 . 75 £18.99 £18.99Read more

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3424 Metal Heat / Non-Thermal Treating 3449 Metal Machines, Miscellaneous, Foundary 9520 Metal Piles / Piling, Iron / Steel 5315 Metal Pins, Hardware 4710 Metal Pipe / Tube 3443 Metal Power Compact Presses, Mechanical 3442 Metal Power Compacting Presses, Hydraulic 3447 Metal Ribbon Forming Machines 5335 Metal Screening 3449 Metal Spinning Lathes)Read more

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The power plant is the prime mover and its auxiliary systems, including the power take-off means and the starting system. 10.1.1 Power Plant Sizing The power plant minimum output requirements shall be established such that the minimum required hook velocity, V hmin (see Section 4.3.1.a ), can be achieved when lifting the corresponding rated load.Read more

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A school is paying $0.12/kWh for electric power. To reduce its power bill, the school installs a wind turbine (Fig. 1–12) with a rated power of 30 kW. If the turbine operates 2200 hours per year at the rated power, determine the amount of electric power generated by the wind turbine and the money saved by the school per year.Read more

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(5) Every power press machine in the plant and every safety device provided on it shall be distinctively and plainly marked with identification number and a date of its last examination carried out by competent person. 10. Defects disclosed during thorough examination and tests.Read more

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Where ''D'' is the outside diameter of the steel pipe. Use of Miter bend shall not be permitted.. The minimum bend radius for hot bends shall be 3D.. 1.8.5 Insulating Joints. Insulating joints shall be provided to electrically isolate the buried pipeline from the above ground pipeline, station piping and shall allow smooth passage of pigs.Read more

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Dec 03, 2019· 발전용어해설집, 한국서부발전 발전처 25,200원 후기확인 (0) 약어 명칭 해석 A AMPERE, AMPERE METER 전류 단위, 전류계 A ALARM 경보 A OUTPUT () 출력 A ANALOG ↔ DIGITAL 아날로그 A LOGIC STEADY..Read more

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OSP101 Introduction to Outside Plant Design 6: 6: 6: BICSI: Fundamentals of Passive Optical LAN 12: 12: 12: BICSI: Installing AV in New Age Collaboration Spaces 3: 3: 3: BICSI: Redefining Specification and Standards Writing for an IoT World 3: 3: 3: BICSI: Dealing with the Challenges and Demands of Today''s Rapidly Changing Data Center 3: 3: 3 ...Read more