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How to do Lighting Design Calculation in a Building – Electrical Wiring Installation . In professional field proper lighting design is very important because an under lighting arrangement will decrease the efficiency of the task for which the lightings were designed and an over lighting arrangement will result in over expenditure of the company. On small scale this difference is not too much ...Read more

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The impact on a human body can be difficult to determine since it depends on how the body hits the ground - which part of the body, the angle of the body and/or if hands are used to protect the body and so on. For this example we use an impact distance of 3/4 inch (0.0625 ft) to calculate the impact force: F avg = (800 ft lb) / (0.0625 ft ...Read more

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The Hornady Standard Ballistics Calculator uses BCs (G1 or G7 ballistic coefficients) to calculate trajectory and is ideal for traditional hunting and varmint bullets at close to moderate distance. Name for Calculation Units Standard/Metric . Maximum Range (100 - 2000 yds) ...Read more

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Academia is a platform for academics to share research papers.Read more

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2. Impact factor fraction for steel bridges = 9/13.5+L Fig 4: For class AA loading and class 70R loading, a) For spans less than 9m: 1. for tracked vehicles: 25% for spans upto 5m linear reducing to 10% for spans of 9m. 2. for wheeled vehicles: 25% Fig 3: Impact percentage curves for highway bridges for class A and class B loadingRead more


The following section will present a design method and examples that illustrate a procedure for calculating the forces and deflections that result from a vehicle impact. 3.0 DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS The primary design consideration is to provide protection by resisting the impact of a vehicle without a failure of the barrier cable system.Read more

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Specification for impact performance requirement for flat safety glass and safety plastics for use in buildings. BS 6262: 1982 Code of practice for glazing for buildings. BS 6399: Loading for Buildings – All Parts. In certain cases the various Regulationsand Standards define the design loadings that need to be taken into account(e.g HorizontalRead more

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• For 0.8% probability of failure in annealed glass, a design factor of 2.5 is used against the averaged stress. For 0.1% of failure, the design factor is 5. For sloped glazing, the 0.1% failure probability of failure is commonly used. • Glass strength is time dependent …Read more

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Instrumented impact testing allows the applicability of conventional Charpy tests to be extended toward assessing mechanical properties such as dynamic fracture toughness and dynamic tensile properties. In this work, we present design considerations for engineering instrumented strikers for Charpy V-notch impact …Read more

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The aim of this study is to estimate the impact loads delivered to the housing of a hydraulic breaker quantitatively. Striking forces caused vibrations in the equipment housing, which were experimentally measured, and frequency response functions were also found through modal impact experiments. Transfer path analysis (TPA) method of the data quantified the impact loads delivered to the housing.Read more

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PCL-5 was also changed to 0-4. Therefore, the change in the rating scale combined with the increase from 17 to 20 items means that . PCL-5 scores are not compatible with PCL for . DSM-IV. scores and cannot be used interchangeably. Initial research suggests that a PCL-5 cutoff score between 31-33 is indicative of probable PTSD across samples ...Read more

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Mar 04, 2004· m*g*h1+0.5*m*v1^2+0.5*K*x1^2=m*g*h2+0.5*m*v2^2+0.5*K*x2^2. where. h1,h2=positions of the component at State 1 & State 2. v1,v2=speeds. x1,x2=displacements of the structure on which the impact load applies. K=structure stiffness. RE: Impact load calculation. arto (Mechanical) 23 Feb 04 08:30.Read more

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Oct 22, 2018· This formula is commonly used in road design for establishing the minimum stopping sight distance required on a given road. With correct parameters, it''s a perfect equation for an accurate calculation of the stopping distance of your car. The AASHTO formula is as follows: s = (0.278 * t * v) + v² / (254 * (f + G)) where:Read more

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Apr 26, 2021· Electrical Installation Design and Calculations Guide For Electricians and Designers This book provides step-by-step guidance on the design of electrical installations, from domestic installation final circuit design to fault level calculations for LV systems.Read more

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Theoretical 3D-Model for Impact ForceTheoretical 3D-Model for Impact Force F = F D + F M + F I Morison Force Impact Force For time: t = 0 ÷ : 1R 8Vcosγ γγ − ⎡ ⎛⎞ ⎛ ⎞⎤ =ρ η γ π−⎢ ⎜⎟ ⎜ ⎟⎥ ⎢ ⎝⎠ ⎝⎥ λ ⎣ ⎠⎦ lb Vcos 1 Vcos t1 t R4R F Rv² cos² 2 2 arctanh For time t´ =, with t´ = t - …Read more

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Jul 19, 2014· Since we know the estimated impact force from the show (12,000 pounds = 53,379 Newtons), the impact time can be calculated. Let me start with a …Read more

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Jan 01, 2012· Hence it is imperative to add an extra term in Eqn. (1) to include the impact force effect (slamming force) in the total wave force [5, 11], (2) (3) Here F s is the slamming force, C s is the slamming force factor, C b is the breaking wave celerity (the water particle velocity is set equal to the wave celerity at breaking), and is the curling ...Read more

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5-4 and 5-5 respectively. Sample calculations also are provided. Corrugated polyethylene pipe performance has been extensively documented and researched through laboratory and field installations. This work reinforces the conservatism of this design procedure. Introduction This chapter was developed to assist those who utilize or specify corrugatedRead more

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NON-PCL EMPLOYEES Enter your user name in the format: EXTERNALusername: Includes bidders, consultants, owners, subcontractors, and anyone who is not an employee of the PCL Family of Companies. BOOKMARKS Please do not bookmark this login page. Complete your login and then bookmark the site after the login page.Read more

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Test formula. The amount of energy absorbed by the test specimen to break is called Knotch impact energy. The Knotch Impact Energy KV = mgH – mgh. m – Mass of the Pendulum. H – Height of Pendulum starting point. g – Gravity. h – Height of the pendulum from the first reversal point.Read more

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Ultimate tensile strength (UTS), often shortened to tensile strength (TS), ultimate strength, or within equations, is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before breaking. In brittle materials the ultimate tensile strength is close to the yield point, whereas in ductile materials the ultimate tensile strength can be higher.Read more

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requirements already in early design phase. However, general standards and rules can be sometimes difficult to apply for unconventional ships. For example, size of the ships is increasing and new structural designs have been introduced. For complex structures and designs, direct calculation …Read more

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changes in the material and design of the bat have changed the frequency of these occurrences over the years. Since 2001 the Major League Baseball has been using maple bats instead of the previously preferred ash bats because of a record breaking homerun made by Barry Bonds in that year (Crane, Science World 16).Read more

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Impact Force from a Falling Object. The dynamic energy in a falling object at the impact moment when it hits the ground can be calculated as. E = F weight h = m a g h (4) where . F weight = force due to gravity - or weight (N, lb f) a g = acceleration of gravity (9.81 m/s 2, 32.17405 ft/s 2) h = falling height (m)Read more

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Jul 02, 2014· It''s a simple calculation to determine how many units must be sold at a given price to cover one''s fixed costs. You''re typically solving for the Break-Even Volume (BEV).Read more


CHAPTER 5.1 WAVE IMPACT LOADS: FORCES AND PRESSURES - 3 - Tab. 1: Overview of design methods for wave loading 4. OVERVIEW OF RECENT WORK There are a number of formulae available for different types of waves breaking at the struc-ture. These formulae generally include magnitudes of maximum pressures, their distributions and forces.Read more

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The design of the RBI Hydraulic Breakers produces stable high-speed percussion, and exceptional value and durability for all construction, demolition, and rock breaking requirements. RBI Hydraulic Breakers use sophisticated technology to produce a simple design. With only two internal moving parts, this line ofRead more

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Dec 17, 2015· Formula P.u reactance = [ (% impedence)/100] x [Base MVA/Actual MVA] Then redraw the network putting the P.u reactance values. Calculate the Equivalent reactance for the for the network as seen from the source to the fault point. 11. Then, Calculate Fault MVA using formula- …Read more

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This new Energy UA Calculator is consistent with AWC''s Design for Code Acceptance 7, "Meeting Residential Energy Requirements with Wood-Frame Construction." For use with the 2012 IECC or IRC, the AWC Energy UA Calculator app also gives insulation requirements needed in various wood wall assemblies to achieve the specified opaque wall U ...Read more

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o Stress Calculation- 2 2 1/ 2 max [(8 ) 48 ] 4 M Fd T d =102 MPa 2 2 1/ 2 max 3 [(8 ) 64 ] 2 M Fd T d = 58.4 MPa o Factors of Safety- max n S y = 3.9 2 max n S y = 3.4 Fatigue Life o Infinite Life- 2000RPM (Average operating speed)=33.3 cycles/second 5 year life @ 1 hour operating time (2 hr per week)-approximately 1,908,000 seconds of useRead more

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For design and manufacturing engineers involved in buying or specifying fluid power components and systems. Wind Systems. Towers, turbines, gearboxes; processes for shaping and finishing component parts. ... The above calculation is based on the first 2 2 = 4 terms of the series solution.Read more